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Series 500-150-1 Standard


The Series-500-150-1 Standard Shuttle Weaving machine is primarily designed to work with Jacquard shedding equipment featuring larger hook capacities ranging from 2000 to 6000 hooks. Due to the much larger size & weight of these jacquard machines a separate support gantry is required resulting in a larger floorspace  & ceiling height requirement.

LX3072 (2).png

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Technical Specifications

Max Fabric Width:         


Max Fabric Height:        


Weft Insertion:                  

Single Shuttle

Fabric Take off:                 

1000mm Linear Table


Touch Screen HMI 


Jacquard machine mounted directly to weaving machine

Warp delivery options: 

CREEL or Single/Multiple warp beam

Max Operating speed:

80 RPM

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