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Our Approach

Better by Design

Optima has been established with the primary objective of developing new methods of achieving 3D weaving.

The traditional approach to 3D weaving has been to modify older 2D technology, however Optima has embraced technical developments in machine control systems and has designed and developed a next generation of 3D weaving machines which offer very significant advantages.
In particular the Optima design* offers a much more flexible weaving capability, with excellent operator controls; couped to automatic systems for quality assurance and repeatability.
In addition the compact design enables much easier installation and integration into weaving processes.
Optima recognise that 3D weaving is still in its infancy in terms of both design and deployment. We will continue to develop our design philosophy and welcome enquiries.

Versatility with Weaving Materials

Optima 3D Weaving equipment is compatible with a range of materials including (but not limited to):
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Glass Fibre
  • Aramid Fibre
  • Organic Fibre
  • Ceramic Oxide / Non-Oxide
  • Fibreoptica / Conductive Fibres
  • Light Emitting Fibres
  • Implantable Materials

Innovate with Optima

“A weaving system that redefines current industry standards”
Optima 3D Ltd. Offers a bespoke service building each machine to the specific requirements of its customers. As a company focussed solely on 3D weaving, and with the ability to design specific machines to customer requirements, Optima are able to offer a very personal service to prospective buyers.
With an ever increasing range of materials now available for weaving, and the emergence of smart technology into mainstream production, Optima are able to offer a platform for customers to discuss and develop innovative new ideas. 
The Optima weaving process offers an easy to customise approach with excellent operating flexibility, and is highly suitable to R&D operations.
Talk to Optima about you requirements. We offer a fully confidential service to customers.
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