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Series 500-150-1 Compact


The Series-500-150-1 Compact Shuttle Weaving machine is primarily designed to work with Jacquard shedding equipment, of which there are several options. These options are determined by the fabric construction specification i.e. Maximum number of required controllable warp threads, which dictates the number of Jacquard hooks and overall size of the Jacquard machine. This format has a 1400 maximum hook capacity. This format is particularly suitable for R&D Studios and laboratories where floorspace is at a premium.

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LX62 (2).png

Technical Specifications

Max Fabric Width:         


Max Fabric Height:        


Weft Insertion:                  

Single Shuttle

Fabric Take off:                 

1000mm Linear Table


Touch Screen HMI 


Jacquard machine mounted directly to weaving machine

Warp delivery options: 

CREEL or Single/Multiple warp beam

Max Operating speed:

80 RPM

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