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Series R


The Series “R” is a flexible Guided Rapier loom which can be equipped with either Dobby or Jacquard shedding functions. The primary application is for the manufacture of multi-layer composite fabrics with a maximum fabric thickness of 2.5cm and nominal weaving width of 120cm. Optima’s range of looms all deploy cutting edge drive & control technology offering excellent versatility via Optima’s Digital Platform. The Digital Platform is accessed via the onboard touchscreen where all machine and pattern settings are performed.


Technical Specifications

Max Fabric Width:         


Max Fabric Height:        


Weft Insertion:                  

Flexible guided rapier via synchronous cam box drive

Fabric Take off:                 

Electronic drive and control of either surface roller or linear table


Touch Screen HMI 


via Dobby or Jacquard

Warp delivery options: 

Electronic drive & control of single or multiple warp beam, or Creel with optional electronic single or multiple warp delivery roller system externally mounted.

Max Operating speed:

80 RPM

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